• 21 May 2019

    Resource-efficient cities implementing advanced smart cities solutions

    PM Hotel,Växjö.
    Organiser: European Institutions

    This conference, aimed at municipal decisions makers, civil servants, public companies and energy agencies, will show examples of innovative energy-smart city solutions based on demonstrations of thoroughly integrated climate planning and measures in the cities of Växjö and Aarhus. Study visits and presentations are intend to provide ambitious cities such as Covenant of Mayors Signatories with tools and ideas to develop and implement integrated plans.

    Moving a community towards a sustainable and affordable climate friendly future you need to requires a holistic approach. Isolated measures such as electric vehicle chargers or solar panels on some roofs are not enough. Long term strategic plans and innovative solutions are essential.

    On this three-day conference, you will visit locations and listen to seminars showing how innovative solutions are made possible through strategic planning and leadership towards transition to a sustainable community.