• 06 May 2020

    Have your say: Local and regional authorities adapting to climate change

    Are you a local or regional authority in an EU Member State? Contribute to the EU Committee of Regions' opinion on adaptation to climate change at local level. The results will feed into the new EU Adaptation Strategy!

    In November 2018, the European Commission published an evaluation of the EU Adaptation Strategy. The evaluation found that the Strategy is relevant and delivering on its objectives but it also identified certain areas for improvement, including the need to foster adaptation action at the local levelFurthermore, in the European Green Deal the Commission signalled its intention to adopt ‘a new, more ambitious EU strategy on adaptation to climate change’.

    In anticipation of a proposal, the European Committee of Regions (CoR) has launched a study on the adaptation-related challenges and opportunities for local and regional authorities. In order to gather information for this study and support the understanding of local and regional authorities’ experiences and needs in relation to climate change adaptation, they developed an online questionnaire. The findings of this questionnaire and of the entire study will feed into the new CoR opinion on the subject.

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